Do you struggle with fear, anxiety, and worry?

These Scripture Cards were created for the mother who needs to meditate on God's Word and what it says about fear and worry. 

It is easy to say "do not fear" but a lot harder to let the truth of Scripture go deep into our spirits, souls, and minds so we are able to rest in God. 

Printable Scripture Cards On Fear

This pack includes 20 different scriptures on the topic of fear for you to meditate on, memorize, and mull over as you continue in your journey to fight fear in your own life. 

How to use the printable fear scripture cards:

1. Print cards out on regular printer. You can print on both printer paper or card stock if you want them to last a bit longer. 

2.  Cut out the Cards individually and take one per day. You can keep them in your Bible or journal. 

3.  Meditate, memorize, or just mull over the truth of the Scripture as it applies to your weary heart.