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Family Routines Reboot

Reboot your Family Routines!

Whether we have one baby, a baby toddler and preschooler, or all school aged kids... family routines are the heart of the home.

The stress of home life must be minimized if we want our families to be at peace.

Here's what we want to happen this year (and what we don't!)...

  • We want to feel in control, not in perpetual survival mode. Many of us have been living in survival mode for months. We can't control the world around us, but we CAN control what's happening in our own homes so they are havens of peace. 
  • ​We want everyone in the family's needs met, not just the kids'. Instead of prioritizing everyone else's wants and whims above our own actual needs (ahem, sleep), you'll learn how to create sustainable routines to help you take care of yourself well. 
  • We want our kids to be independent and responsible. The world is stressful right now. Know what makes it worse?  Doing everything for everyone when they are capable of doing things on their own. We don't need to rob our family members of the joy of learning hard work. 
  • We want refreshing evenings, not ones that make us want to run away. Stressful meals, late bedtimes that make overtired kids and moms, and a lingering feeling of dread and doom as the sun goes down because we have to do it all over again tomorrow. This doesn't make for a joyful life. 

  • 3 concise masterclasses (one for each step in our 3-day reboot) with EXACT methods to create routines

  • a printable Family Routines Planner with block schedules, self-care planners, sample routines, self-care checklists, and more!

  • 50+ visual routine cards (morning routines, afternoon routines, evening routines, etc.)

  • 40+ organized mom checklists to help organize every area of life

  • 50+ home binder organization sheets

  • 100+ Chore Cards & Room By Room Chore Checklists

  • an editable homeschool planner (customizable for adults and kids)

  • Organize Your Online World Guide

  • Slow Your Scroll 30-Day Guided Journal

  • Rhythms, Routines & Schedules eBook & 25+ sample daily routines for little ones

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Stephanie Walsh
Fresh and helpful perspective!

I really enjoyed this material in both print and video formats. Amazing value and helpful content. Great combo of personal experiences and concrete/research backed advice! I loved seeing two moms share what works for each of their families without judgment or comparison. Most likely what works for my family will be a combination of the two.

Kristin Donnelly
Learned a lot

I really enjoyed the Family Routine Reboot. It helped me to remember that every family and individual in our family has different needs. There is no cookie cutter way to do things right.
I would like to rebuild a morning, after school , and bedtime routine for my 8 and 10 year old. Hopi g to learn more from the free podcasts coming up and put something into place.
This program also stresses to take things slow one routine at a time!
I would love some help with figuring out my/family values and creating boundaries and limits. 😊

Krystal S

There are so many tips and tricks laid out in this bundle, not to mention all of the printables! It's been super helpful in helping me figure out what will work better for me AND my family. I highly recommend it!

Bianca Lipinski

The documents I received in this bundle are great! As a first time mom due in August, they’ve really eased my mind in beginning to organize not only my thoughts but my home & life in general preparing for my little guy to arrive. Looking forward to more wonderful content from Rachel!

Mahesha Peiris