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Goodnight Bedtime Battles

It's time to turn your kids' bedtime routines into sweet dreams.

Create peaceful bedtimes (full of cooperation and connection) that help you STAY SANE and relax in the evenings.


Bedtime with can feel like a real-life nightmareRight? 

Kids - they act like they've never slept before in their lives! 

 They are experts at delaying bedtime and they will stop at nothing to prove it to you.
  • I'm staaaaaaaarving!
  • There are bugs in my room.
  • My feet are cold. Cover them! 
  • Can I sleep in your bed? 
  • I need to poop. 
  • My stuffed animal is missing.
  • I forgot to tell you something.
  • Turn the light off. 
  • Turn the light on. 
  • My eye is tingling.
  • And of course, MANY false claims of severe dehydration. 

The bedtime battles are never-ending DRAMA. It's enough to make you go...INSANE.

  • Chores and household responsibilities aren't getting done because the bedtime routine is a time suck in your evening. 
  • Any enjoyment you'd get from this time of connection is robbed by the kids monopolizing bedtime with stall tactics.
  • You feel like the Bedtime Police, constantly trying to mitigate one excuse to the next. 
  • You're chasing cheetah children around the house trying to get them to calm down -- or at least put on their pajamas. 

Bedtime routines like this are not sustainable for anyone in the family.

  • Parents yelling.
  • Kids crying.
  • ​Up and down the stairs 15 times.
  • ​Making threats.
  • No time for parents to relax alone.
  • Wrestling with the kids to get teeth brushed.
  • Constant reminders without kids following through.
  • ​Too much time invested in negotiations.
  • Wound up behaviors. 
  • No sense of calm. 

With Goodnight Bedtime Battles, you'll get...

 Our workshop broken down into three easy-to-follow videos. Learn exactly how we manage all things bedtime from start to finish.

Baby sleep routines and checklists. Create soothing and customizable baby sleep routines using these printable cards. Plus, get 6 checklists to help you troubleshoot baby sleep quickly.

Goodnight Bedtime Battles will give you:

  • THREE VIDEO WORKSHOPS: How to create a dream-worthy bedtime routine with kids ($49 value)
  • ​ROUTINE CARDS: 90+ visual routine cards for kids aged toddler to elementary school ($8 value)
  • ​BABY ROUTINES AND SLEEP CHECKLISTS: Specific tips to help with baby and pre-toddler sleep ($7 value)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mandy Birkbeck
So awesome!

I used the info right away and immediately our bedtime routine improved. My 6 yo no longer jumps out of bed to follow me out. I check back in when I say I will and usually he's already asleep. Brilliant! Thank you so much!

Whitney Boozer

Goodnight Bedtime Battles

Claire Croswhite
Great results so far

I haven’t even finished all the videos yet, but the tactics I’ve tried so far have worked wonders. My 3.5 year old started consistently getting out of his room after bedtime but offering to come back every X minutes to check on him has been really helpful.