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Simple School Routines

Our simple 3 step system for creating family school routines that will make virtual school, homeschooling, or hybrid school work.

We want days to start off predictably and without nagging, begging, or threats. 

  • You want your kids to wake up at an appropriate time (which may vary by house) - on their own - and take care of their own hygiene.

  • You want your kids to be responsible for their own environment - without nagging - so there is order in the home. 

  • You want to encourage your kids to independently meet their own needs, while you support them, not do everything for them.

You will want after-school routines (whatever time that is, doesn't matter) that help alleviate stress and share the homework load.

  • You want kids to use screens as necessary then be involved in other aspects of family life. 

  • You want to avoid After Concentration Meltdowns because they kids are worn out and not sure how to de-stress from their work.

  • You want early enough bedtimes that no one is overtired and you have time in the evening to take care of your own self and responsibilities.


You will want a way to manage your OWN responsibilities without completely losing your mind.

  • You want to be on top of the basic things that need to happen each week without living in survival mode and spending too much on takeout because there are no groceries. Again. 

  • You want enough time to work without having to stay up until midnight getting things done. 

  • ​You want early enough bedtimes that no one is overtired and you have time in the evening to take care of your own self and responsibilities.

Here's how Simple School Routines will help you minimize stress:

  • 3 concise masterclass videos sharing our simple, easy to follow 3-part system to creating sustainable family school routines with clear examples of EXACTLY how to execute them

  • 50+ visual routine cards you'll use to help your children become independent in their morning, afternoon, and evening routines

  • 40+ organized mom lifesaver checklists (checklists literally save lives in many fields, so... these will help you not miss the important stuff!)

  •  50+ home binder organizing sheets to help you manage, plan, and streamline your responsibilities

Once-A-Week Mom Planning Session

  • Learn the few things that you must plan ahead each week to save you time, energy, and money.

  • Discover how to set the tone for the whole week based on your plans. 

  • Get my proven Brain Dump to To Do list system that means you never have overflowing to do lists that never get done. 

Independent Morning Routines That Set The Day Up For Success

  • Create simple and easy-to-follow wake-up and hygiene routines for the kids. We give you 50+ routine cards for you to use!!!!!

  • Learn which things kids need to be doing on their own, which frees up your own time and makes the day flow better. 

  • You'll figure out how to have mornings that start peacefully instead of totally chaotic. This 100% matters if you are doing school and work and home life during this crazy time. 

After School Work & Evening Routines That Minimize Attitudes & Meltdowns

  • You'll learn how to schedule in rests and breaks, for you and the kids, and still get it all done. 

  • In this step, you'll figure out how to spread out the household chore load, without having to bribe. 

  • And you'll see how what happens in the evening (for good or bad) sets you up for the next morning. And, of course, how to set your evenings up well

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Sharyn Spencer
A wonderful way to relearn for Gma

As a grandma I am LOVING Miss Rachel!! I was a pretty organized, home schooling mom, but it feels like that was about 100 years ago...and boy! I am out of practice!

I am really appreciating how easy it is to learn (relearn) and implement her strategies! great, real life, common sense!! Happy Gma = happy Henry! :)

Adri Cerda
Loved it!

The course was quick and very easy to implement. It really help me structure our morning routine and our days are going much smoother now!

Yael Ustinov
Great help for hectic times

Really helpful collection of tips, puts everyone ok order. Hope will implement most of them

Diana Guerrero

Exactly what I need at this stage in life with my 2 children going both to school!!
Pre-k/1st grade!!!
I highly recommend this to all the moms who want to simplifier their lives!!! :))

Karen Edwards

I have a 9 year old and a newborn so I knew it was time for me to get organized to save my sanity! These videos and print outs have been immensely helpful to me!