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"You're a Good Mom" Printable Affirmation Cards

31 Days of Printable Affirmations for Moms

Do you worry that you're not good enough? 

You're tired, exhausted, and fed up. 

You wonder if you're screwing the kids up and how you got to this place? 

If so... these cards are for you. They will help you feel peace and encouragement, and give yourself the grace you need to thrive as a mom. 

After Having Done These Good Mom Affirmations You Will:

- Feel like a good mom. 

- Stop stressing over your mistakes or imperfections. 

- Get back joy and life into your days. 

- Start enjoying your children again, even amidst the mess and hubbub. 

- Trust yourself. 

- Become an overall more positive and happy mother. 

Why Positive Affirmations Work

The way we think affects our entire lives. 

What lives in our hearts comes out of our mouths and in our actions. 

We are, essentially, a product of what we think. 

As a mom you are often plagued with guilt, fear, and anxiety over how well you are doing. How good of a mom you think you are. You constantly think about your performance and wonder... am I screwing up my kids or am I doing a good job? 

When you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, they have a way of taking hold. They create brain pathways and - before you know it - you struggle to think positively about yourself. This affects how you feel, how you mother, and your whole life. 

An affirmation is - at its core - telling yourself something that is true so you can begin to believe it. These daily affirmations will help you to remember the good things. They will help you to believe in yourself and cut through the lies you've been believing about your role as a mother. 

They will bring you encouragement and help you see yourself as God made you: a wonderful mother to your wonderful children. 

How to Use These Mom Affirmations In Your Daily Routines:

 1. Print out the affirmation cards on card stock, if possible. Printer paper is fine but tiny peanut butter fingers may mean they wear out quicker. 

2. Cut out each affirmation (order does not matter) and laminate if you desire. 

3. When you do your morning devotion or quiet time (or any time of the day when you have a peaceful moment), take one card and read it aloud. 

4. Think about what the card says. Let yourself feel what you feel. Pray, cry, journal, and think. 

5. Repeat daily until you've gone through the cards. You will, without a doubt, feel more at peace with yourself and encouraged. Guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott L
Great Cards

I ordered these for my wife and she likes them. The printable format allowed her to pick some of her 'favorites' - the ones she needs to hear most - and put them up on the refrigerator, mirror, etc. These contain positive, reaffirming messages in support of the most important job on earth (motherhood) and seem to be presented and styled in a way that women appreciate. My wife and I both like them, and they are effective at reminding her how valuable she and her work are.

Great product

Good reminders! What a lovely idea.

Lauren Petrella
Love these!

I printed these out to give to moms at our local mom group. I loved them all!


I loved these affirmations - very encouraging, bright and colorful. Thank you!