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Praying Over Your Child Guide

We all want what's best for our kids, in every area of their lives!

So why not put that desire into action by praying strategically over our children?

This is a 31-page printable book that includes over 300+ prayers for your child from pregnancy to marriage and beyond. It's separated into individual areas and each area includes a blank page for you to write your own prayers!

Praying Over Your Child Printable Prayer Prompts

You'll get:

  • 14 areas of prayer
  • 300+ total prayers
  • 1 blank page per area to fill in your own prayers
  • 1 page per area filled with prayers

The areas include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Early Years
  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Schooling
  • Friendships
  • For Daughters
  • For Sons
  • Activities/Interests
  • Teen Years
  • Love + Marriage
  • Career + Calling
  • Spiritual Life
  • Family Life

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I was feeling overwhelmed with the desire to pray for my kids and at a loss about where to start. There's so much God wants for them! There's so much I want for them!

Actually, as I was entering in prayers for this book about protection from accident and trauma, an incident happened in our home that I'd like to forget, but now serves as a testimony that God is with us and does speak to us. And that our prayers to him are powerful!

I pray your children and families are blessed for years to come and with a Christ-like legacy that lives on, and that these prayers go straight from your mouth to the throne of Heaven.

Be blessed, sisters!