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Want to teach your children responsibility and contribution? Chores are an easy and effortless way to teach kids to work hard. 

Plus, you already have to get things done around the house so having your kids help out is an awesome way to take the load off yourself and teach in the process. 

Included in this pack are 100+ printable chore cards. 

How it works:

  • Print the book with your printer on normal paper or printer paper 
  • Laminate if desired
  • Keep chore cards in a common place handy
  • Choose one or two cards a day (or at regular intervals) and let your child complete the task
  • Reward contribution!

It's that easy. 


Want your children to learn to follow the routine on their own?

Kids love routine and so do parents! If you're ready to help your kids learn to follow routines on their own (and learn to read in the process) these cards are the thing.

You'll get 40+ cards for tasks in the following areas:

  • Morning Routine
  • Bedtime Routine
  • Mealtime Routine
  • Playtime Routine
  • Chores Routine
  • A blank EDITABLE set of cards that you can use to add in your own language or family words

These include both pictures and words and will help your children learn to complete tasks on their own!


Want to raise kids who aren't entitled?

Want children who are kind, thoughtful, and considerate of others?

Congrats, mama! It's easier than you think. 

The key to helping children learn to think of others is to get them used to it!

Kindness Cards...

We've created 60+ printable kindness cards designed to help your toddler and preschoolers learn to think of others. Each card has something simple, easy, and actionable even your toddler can do and understand!

If you want to raise kind, responsible, and empathetic children... these cards will help!