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Sleep Little Child Guide (1 to 5 years)

This comprehensive step-by-step PDF guide will help you develop healthy sustainable sleep habits for your child (aged 1 to 5 years of age). 

Sleep solutions vary by age!

This sleep guide will help you:

  • do a deep dive analysis to determine the *real* sleep issue
  • set realistic (age appropriate) goals for feeding/eating and sleeping
  • improve your child's sleep environment
  • what your little lamb should wear to bed for optimum sleep success
  • develop a proper wind down routine
  • create a calming and connecting bedtime routine
  • optimize your child's nutrition (feeding and eating habits)
  • understand sleep cycles
  • set your daily sleep schedule (based on your family's personality and your child's needs)

Now, the key to sleep training is... how you settle your little one!

Our Sleep Little Child guide will help you:

  • understand the various methods of settling your child when they are resisting sleep, waking at night, etc. 
  • decide on a fast/abrupt approach or a slow and gradual one
  • explain (and show you how to implement) the 4 R's of Toddler Sleep Training
  • tackle early morning wake ups
  • troubleshoot any and all napping issues

That's not all. 

With our Sleep Little Child guide you'll also get:

  • a printable sleep log
  • traveling tips
  • nap transition strategies
  • find & replace pacifier tips (and how to wean the pacifier completely)
  • teething solutions
  • sleep schedules by year for optimum sleep

This handout was taken from my comprehensive masterclass Sleep Little Lamb which you can find here. 

Customer Reviews

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Ilze Nežberte
Honest about crying

Thank you for detailed description of sleep training methods. I used some kind of adopted method. The first time getting rid of breastfeeding to sleep was very hard to go through emotionally, but I kept in mind the reasons for doing that.