"Should I homeschool my kids?"

For some moms, it's a no brainer.

But for others... it's a tough decision. 

You're pushed one way, pulled another, and before long you're just confused. There are tons of resources for mothers who ALREADY ARE homeschooling, but very few for those who are questioning whether or not homeschool is the right move for them. 

"Will homeschooling work for my family?"

Let's answer that once and for all. 

This workbook was created for you to go through 10 main areas and brainstorm, pray, and figure out if this homeschooling thing would work for your family. 

You'll be taken on a guided tour through the following areas:

  • Fears
  • Your "Why"
  • Family Life
  • Personality
  • Support
  • Curriculum
  • Logistics
  • Space
  • Making The Decision: Pros And Cons
  • State Requirements

You'll walk through your own family life, journal, brainstorm, and get rid of your confusion surrounding this decision. 

Don't let indecision cause you stress!

If you just aren't sure whether:

a) You'd be able to homeschool without going nuts,
b) If it's right for your family during this season
c) If you could even actually *do it*

This workbook was made for you.

Use this guided workbook to go through the main areas involved with homeschooling and get clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm... no matter your decision. 

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Thorough details of almost all homeschool options
Best guide for making a big decision!!