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Sleep Little Baby Guide (4 to 12 months)

This comprehensive step-by-step PDF guide will help you develop healthy sustainable sleep habits for your child (aged 1 to 5 years of age). 

Sleep solutions vary by age!

This sleep guide will help you:

  • do a deep dive analysis to determine the *real* sleep issue

  • set realistic (age appropriate) goals for feeding/eating and sleeping like when can baby be weaned, how much they'll eat typically (and when!), etc. 

  • improve your child's sleep environment

  • what your little lamb should wear to bed for optimum sleep success

  • develop a proper wind down routine

  • create a calming and connecting bedtime routine

  • optimize your child's nutrition (feeding and eating habits, dropping feeds, weaning feeds, dream feeds, starting solids, etc.)

  • understand sleep cycles

  • set your daily sleep schedule 

Now, the key to sleep training is... how you settle your little one!

Our Sleep Little Baby guide will help you:

  • understand the various methods of settling your child when they are resisting sleep, waking at night, etc. 
  • decide on a fast/abrupt approach or a slow and gradual one
  • tackle early morning wake ups
  • troubleshoot any and all napping issues
  • navigate 4, 9, and 12 month sleep regressions

That's not all. 

With our Sleep Little Baby guide you'll also get:

  • a printable sleep log
  • traveling tips
  • nap transition strategies
  • find & replace pacifier tips (and how to wean the pacifier completely)
  • teething solutions
  • sleep schedules by year for optimum sleep

This handout was taken from my comprehensive masterclass Sleep Little Lamb which you can find here. 

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