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Rhythms, Routines & Schedules eBook & Helpful Phrases eBook (with Printables)

**NOTE: These files are digital! Click here if you want a routines paperback or a helpful phrases paperback!**

Chapters In the Routines Book Include:

Section One: Sample Schedules


6 Weeks to 3 MonthsOld

3-6 Months Old

7-9 Months Old

9-12 Months Old

12-18 Months Old

2-3 Years Old

4-5 Years Old                           



Section Two: Tips and Tricks

Tips for Managing the Day With Multiple Children
Daily Rhythms for an Only Child Ages 1-4 Years Old
Daily Rhythms for Multiple Small Children Ages 0-5
Sample Bedtime, Mealtime, and Playtime Routines
Tips for Keeping Kids Busy Throughout the Day


Included In The Helpful Phrases Book

16 Chapters Full of Awesome Phrases:

  • Why Use Short Phrases?
  • Getting Started with Short Phrases
  • Behavior and Obedience
  • Coping with Big Emotions
  • Raising a Great Listener
  • Magic Mealtime Phrases
  • Sleepy, Sleepy Time
  • Raising Independent Littles
  • Cleaning, Chores, Public Places, Strangers, and New Situations
  • A "Phrase" of Encouragement
  • Phrases to Minimize or Avoid
  • Bonus: Encouraging Structured Playtime
  • Bonus: Getting a Routine That Really Works
  • 12+ Printables