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Organize Your Online World Guide

An Easy Method To Organize Your Email, Apps, & Phone To Get Things Done & Prevent Mindless Scrolling


Do you feel like you are ALWAYS on your phone?

Scheduling an appointment.

Checking an email.

Looking at Instagram or Facebook.

Responding to a text. 

And on and on...

You know you aren't really "wasting time" per se, but it feels like your kids see you on your phone All The Time and you don't really like that. 

The key to being able to use the phone for what you need and not be a slave to it or constantly engaging in Mindless Scrolling is this...

Digital Boundaries + Organization 

This video and photo driven guide will help you to organize your email flow, apps, phone, and help you set (and keep) boundaries around screens. 

  • Learn my "2 minute zero inbox" trick
  • Discover how to organize your phone screen so you find all you need and avoid the apps that Suck Your Time
  • Learn how to set reasonable social media boundaries that leave you feeling Good Enough, refreshed, and encouraged

And, as a bonus, you'll get a digital copy of my journaling workbook entitled Slow Your Scroll where you'll be able to become less dependent on your phone and more present in the day to day life with your little ones.