Want to use the New Year momentum to create lasting change that'll help you be productive, organized, and more present for your family?

Get The Exact Tools You Need To Start Your Family Routines Fresh

Get AUDIO RECORDINGS of our Bootcamp from early January. The audio files are split into four recordings from each of our four topics that we did live, including some Q & A. 

(Note: This does not include any printables mentioned or videos, only audio.)

The audio recordings you'll receive are as follows:

Day One: Practical Systems To Help You Become More Intentional And Productive 

  • How to turn goals into habits that go on autopilot
  • How to organize your day (a bird's eye view of time)
  • Automating systems so you remove things from your plate
  • Solutions to avoid screen time battles

Day Two: Simple Solutions To Put Into Place That'll Help You Manage Their Time Better

  • Helping kids with time management with the "measure time by actions" trick
  • Creating the structure and framework for kids so they can get thing done (a.k.a. Learning By Success - not failure)
  • The ONE BIG thing that gets in the way of kids being able to listen and follow a routine
  • Easy methods to increase chore time cooperation

Day Three: How To Prioritize & Enjoy Quality Family Time

  • Real solutions for carving out more time as a family.
  • Understanding what quality time is or isn't (Hint: Kids view it differently than we do!)
  • Quality time/ connection exercises you can do in 10 minutes or less

Day Four: Peaceful Evening Routines From Dinner to Bedtime (Yours and Theirs)

  • What to do when kids don't want to go to bed and put up a fight
  • Creating healthy boundaries around sleep (and how to actually keep them)
  • Walking the line between scraping out "me time" for your mental health and sleep time for your physical health