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New Year Fresh Start Bootcamp Recordings

Want to use the New Year momentum to create lasting change that'll help you be productive, organized, and more present for your family?

Get The Exact Tools You Need To Start Your Family Routines Fresh

Get VIDEO RECORDINGS of our Bootcamp from early January.

Day One - Practical Systems To Help Your Kids Actually Do Chores (30 min workshop)

  • ​Make it easy on them with our Room-By-Room Chore Checklists.
  • The real key to teaching kids' responsibility most experts fail to mention (Hint: It's not Right Now Or Else Arguments!)
  • ​How to get your kids on board with doing chores even if they whine or complain. 

    Day Two  - Simple Solutions To Streamline Meal Planning Without Needing To Adopt Some Crazy Diet Plan (30 min workshop)

    • Nightly and weekly meal time rituals that most families aren't doing but should.
    • ​The ONE BIG easy thing you should do each week at the same time.
    • ​What to do with littles in the kitchen now so they're genuinely helpful later.

    Day Three - Peaceful Tidying & Home Routines From Morning To Bedtime (30 min workshop)

    • The trick to having any tidy routine stick.
    • How to get your spouse on board with cleaning & tidying routines so you're not stuck doing it yourself all weekend.
    • ​The key to keeping a tidy house even if your kids love to make messes.

     - Peaceful Tidying & Home Routines From Morning To Bedtime (30 min workshop)

    PLUS you get our brand new printable packs:

    Room By Room Chore Checklist

    Ultimate Meal Planning Pack

    Picky Eater Printable Pack