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Emotional Regulation Cards

Emotions are a H U G E  part of a young child's life. 

And therefore, a huge part of every mama's life!

These "I Am Feeling" cards will help your little one begin to develop emotional awareness at a young age. 

⭐ You'll get 28 cards in this pack

With these printable emotions cards you can...

  • Introduce the primary and secondary emotions to your little ones
  • Role play various scenarios to help your little one dive into a certain emotion (particularly if they're struggling with one)
  • Model reactions that are acceptable within your home and reactions that are not (think stomping foot is okay while biting another child is not)

Don't worry, with your cards you'll get step by step examples of exactly how to use them!

Emotional understanding is a great foundation for healthy parenting.

Many parents think that any form of discipline is somehow mistreating your children, but there’s good news!

You can both validate your children’s emotions, let them feel what they feel, and still have rules and boundaries you enforce in your home that make life pleasant for all.

The Emotions Card Park is here to help you teach your child to become aware of his/her emotions.

It is designed to teach, in a non-threatening way, how to handle different emotions when they come.

Through conversation, modeling, and instruction you will teach how to name certain emotions as well as how to react when certain emotions present themselves.

This is an important part of child development and can lead to a happy, emotionally stable, and successful young person.

And it's a great bonding time too!

You can bring these cards out (ideally NOT when there is a meltdown going on) any time you have a bit of time.

Before rest time, nap time, bedtime, or even just as a quick "calm down" activity throughout the day. 

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