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31 Days of Affirmations For Kids

Cute Printable Affirmations For Kids

If you are trying to help your child build skills and acknowledge their strengths, these beautiful and powerful cards will help. It also allows you to talk about character assets 

Help Your Child Build Their Character And Self-Image With These Affirmations


For children who are shy or feeling nervous... 

"I am brave."

You can give your child this card and highlight moments, times, and situations in which your child showed bravery. 


For children who struggle to follow through or give up. 

"I keep trying."

You and your child will brainstorm times when they did not give up. This will help your child see they do keep trying in certain situations, and they can apply that situation to others.


For children who struggle feeling helpless

"I am a problem solver."

Help your child see where they are using their problem solving skills. They pushed a chair to the counter to reach something. They tucked their shoestrings into the shoe even though they couldn't tie them. Think outside the box!


For children who are struggling, these cards will help you spend purposeful time encouraging your child with real life situations when they exhibited these character traits. 

Affirmations are not about thinking something into being...

It's about highlighting how your children ALREADY exhibits these traits to encourage them in their own growth as a little person!!