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Faith Building Scripture Cards

Do you struggle with having faith in certain areas?

If you struggle in growing your faith or believing God's promises... life as a Christian can be tough. It's easy to say "have faith" but it's harder to do.

Meditating on and memorizing God's Word helps our heart have something to hang on to in those times of worry and stress. 

These Scripture Cards were created to help you meditate on God's Word and the scripture that relate to faith. 

This pack has 20 cards with Bible verses relating to faith. 

How to use your scripture cards with verses relating to faith:

1. Print cards out on regular printer. You can print on both printer paper or card stock if you want them to last a bit longer. 

2.  Cut out the Cards individually and take one per day. You can keep them in your Bible or journal. 

3.  Meditate, memorize, or just mull over the truth of the Scripture as it applies to your weary heart.