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Routine Cards


Get your cards in printable form OR shipped to your home (US only!)

Want your children to learn to follow the routine on their own?

Our visual routine cards will help your child follow the routine without yelling, nagging or reminding.


Keep your child’s morning, bedtime, playtime, and mealtime routines simple and free from power struggles!

Routine Cards For Toddlers,  Preschoolers, & School Aged Kids

25+ routine cards for tasks in the following areas:

  • Morning Routine

  • Bedtime Routine

  • Mealtime Routine

  • Playtime Routine

  • Chores Routine

And as a bonus!

When you get a set of routine cards (printable or shipped to your door!) you'll get a printable set of blank EDITABLE set of cards that you can use to add in your own language or family words. 

    How to use your routine cards:

    • Hang them up on the wall with putty, contact paper, in a command center organizer, using a clear shoe storage solution, etc. (see examples below)
    • Put them on a metal ring for your child to flick through
    • Get a magnetic board
    • Keep them stacked by your child's bed

    Benefits of using daily routine cards with your kids

    • Less nagging: Instead of calling out exactly what your child needs to do like a drill sergeant, refer them to the cards.
    • Builds confidence: Kids feel super accomplished being able to see VISUALLY what needs to be done and then, step-by-step, doing it.
    • Encourages helpfulness and responsibility: Giving kids ownership of their routines helps them THINK about their tasks, not just wait for you to determine their every move. 
    • Multiple kid super charge effect: Because you can print as many as you want, all the kids can get going on their routines without waiting on mama.
    • No more "out of nowheres!": Kids who struggle with transitions love knowing what's coming, these visual cards help lessen meltdowns and routine resistance!
    • Morning and evening peace: No more before school chaos or before bed drama, these cards will help focus everyone's energy on the simple routine tasks!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Becky Poole

    These are beautiful and useful! Thanks!

    Eva M. Palmquist
    Routine Cards

    Got these for my grandson to teach him to complete simple tasks and routines
    Just started, so time will tell

    Emily Amner
    I added some but great starting point

    I made these 1/2 the side with a rescale to 50% with my printer and added about 10 of my own for the day morning , afternoon , and night but this was an amazing starting point ! Thank you!!!!

    LaShawn Scott
    Great Quality

    Now that we have them, we just have to figure out how to implement them and find an area to use them in. They delivered fast, and both me and my partner love the quality of them, We may laminate them just to be safe from the kiddo destroying them, but definitely not necessary.

    Rebecca Schultz
    Primted routine cards

    Beautiful cards, great quality!
    My girls like them.
    Our days are already moving smoother