The pacifier that stays in baby's mouth, is easy to find at night, and helps baby settle!

If you are past the first few weeks and ready to introduce a pacifier into baby's routine, then here are some ways that it can help. 

(I've had 5 babies and used these stuffed animal pacis with ALL 5 - different personalities - and they all took them and were excellent sleepers). 

Benefits of the stuffed animal paci:

  • A positive sleep association | When you give the pacifier as a signal to wind down and sleep, baby can satisfy their sucking reflex (after they've fed, of course) and calm down at the same time. This helps baby go to sleep much faster!
  • It doesn't get lost at night | If baby wakes at night, but isn't hungry (which you'll know if they won't really feed) then you can give him back the pacifier. This does NOT get lost in the crib which is a big deal if you've ever had to break out the phone flashlight to find the clear pacifiers. 
  • It rests on baby's chest | Unlike a standalone pacifier, this rests on baby's chest which means that if baby falls asleep in the crib, car seat, or stroller then the pacifier will stay there. Often, baby can get the pacifier back into their own mouth, even when they're little. And certainly when they are a few months old!
  • Great for calming when you aren't able to feed | Whether in an airport line or in the car, unable to pull over, this pacifier helps calm baby long enough for you to get to a stopping point and feed. We have soothed many a hungry baby with these, all over the world. 
  • It's so darn cute! | Let's face it. It's cute!

This is an excellent pacifier and tool in your "help baby calm down" arsenal. I have used them on 3 continents, and recommend them whole-heartedly!