Summer Survival Kit

Summer Activities, Chore, Routine, Book Lists & Printable Packet!

When the kids have started fighting, are running around too rowdy in the house, and when you fear they are forgetting how to read and write...

Have the Summer Survival Kit handy. 

Created and compiled by teachers and moms, this pack gives you printable story games, book lists, hangable routine cards, chore cards (and lists!) and even road trip pages!

Summer can be a time where we enjoy every second of it, or it can be a time where we are twirling our thumbs, waiting for school to start back up. I say we go for the first option!

Here's a peak of all that's inside...

Kid Kitchen Bootcamp
Healthy Snack Ideas
Awesome Sites for Kids
Preschool Reading List
Kindergarten Reading List
1st Grade Reading List
2nd Grade Reading List
3rd Grade Reading List
4th Grade Reading List
Awesome Books for Boys
Awesome Books for Girls
Morning Routine
Bedtime Routine
Summer Fun List
Packing Tips
Packing List
Road Trip Games
Toddler Chore Chart
Preschooler Chore Chart
Extra Jobs List
Screen Time Rules
Girl Stationary
Boy Stationary
Summer Fun Printable
Cursive Practice
Pre-Writing Practice
Alphabet Tracing

PLUS you'll get my Routine Cards and Chore Cards thrown in!