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Slow Your Scroll Detox Journal

NOTE: This is a digital product.

The Slow Your Scroll workbook is for you if you can resonate with any of the following. You:


  • Keep your phone near you at all times
  • Check your phone a lot, even when you know there's nothing urgent or important you're waiting to hear. 
  • Can't sit alone with yourself (at a red light or anywhere else) without reaching for your phone. 
  • Feel guilty that you are on your phone instead of spending quality time with your kids or doing things around the house. 
  • Know deep down that you're on your phone too much, but feel a bit helpless to stop. 


Slow Your Scroll is more than just a rule book. In fact, it's not a rule book at all. 
Turning your phone off or deleting your Facebook app are band-aid solutions. They're not the solution to lasting change. 

And the truth is... technology isn't going anywhere. 

Deleting an app may work for a bit, but what we need is to crave living in the present. To be able to handle our own overwhelm, emotions, and stress in a way that means we don't reach for our phones. 
To find parenting, #momlife, and Adulting something we can handle, instead of something we escape from
  • Cut through the guilt and discouragement to find your personal triggers and stressors. 
  • Feel a new zest for life and adventure in the present withyour family, not online. 
  • Start spending your days living your life instead of reading about everyone else's. 
  • And a whole lot more...

Every page in this workbook is packed full of powerful steps that will deliver immediate results so you will get the most transformation with the least investment of your precious time. 

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Great purchase!

I have been doing this off and on for over a week and it's so nicely put together and helpful. You won't be disappointed with this purchase.