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Lies That Make You Pay: A Guide to the Frugal and Simple Life

Don't we all want to live more simply and stop spending what we don't really want?

But how do we change our habits from the inside out? Simply put, we confront all the little lies we believe that prevent us from living simply and we replace them with truths. I'm talking about the insidious little things we hold true that stop us from making wise decisions in our lives and with our wallets.

Some reviewers said:

"It allowed me to continue the inner dialogue I have when making a purchase instead of impulse buying or overspending, without feeling like I should just take action, not second guess myself, and be done with it."Karen

"Through her humorous yet relevant short anecdotes, the author provides easy to follow, realistic and achievable tips." Faye

"She writes with such wisdom yet remains to-the-point, witty and entertaining. Her heartfelt guidance is truly challenging (in a good way!) and helped me to re-think the way I do things, why I do them in such a way and how I can change my thinking to be set free and live a more fulfilling life." Mel

 "I like the format of the book; each chapter begins with the lie and the truth, followed by helpful information and ended with a list for the reader to consider." Azalea

"In addition to being a “mother’s guide” and teaching moms everywhere to use their “frugal thinking caps,” my first impulse is to exclaim that this should be a home economic textbook for middle grade children, especially if you’re a homeschool mom like me. 'Frugal living doesn’t deny you things, it simply denies those things power over you' is definitely an ideal that should be shared with students as they come to understand money, interest rates, economics, and budgeting for their home and lifestyle."  Anakalia

After reading this book you'll know:

√ Why you continue to  impulse shop when you know you don't need stuff.
√ Why you still feel the need to go shopping with a closet full of clothes.
√ Why everyone says babies are so expensive (even though they're not.)
√ Why frugal living and simple living are often at war.

You'll read tried and tips on:

√ Learning to mind your own business to prevent envy.
√ Maintaining a beautiful and inviting home on a budget.
√ Learning to be the entertainment instead of seeking paid entertainment.
√ Getting out of the unfulfilling Keeping up with the Joneses rat race.

So if you really want to know why - in spite of the desire to be frugal - you:

√ Feel more secure with more stuff?
√ Think downsizing is going backwards?
√ Are envious of others possessions?

then this book is for you!

Thousands of copies sold and rising!