Coos to Snooze (Baby Sleep Program, Gold)

In this step-by-step program, you will learnthe keys to teaching your baby to sleep. 

You know that crazy feeling that comes over you when your baby wakes up AGAIN at night for like the 145th night in a row. 
You know the exhaustion and desperation that comes from lack of sleep and seeing your little one uncomfortable. 
You know there's got to be some way for baby to sleep better. 
Don't let a few old habits be the reason 
you and baby sleep poorly
As Morgan said... 
"I truly loved how you said - adding routine doesn't mean I've done anything wrong, it just means we are ready for a change. That was freeing to me. Freedom to know I can change without feeling the past was incorrect."


This Is Exactly What You'll Learn In This Baby Sleep Course

Section One - Baby Sleep Basics

Section Two - Digging Deeper
  •  Why sleep begets sleep and how to use this to your advantage.
  •  Is crying to be expected? How to minimize baby discomfort. 
  •  Discerning the difference between a sleep issue or environmental.
  •  The magic and art of putting baby down awake but drowsy.
Section Three - Fundamentals of Sleep Struggles
  •  How to avoid over tiredness or over stimulation so baby falls asleep easier
  •  Sleep associations that will help baby naturally calm down for rest
  •  Identifying common sleep props and how to wean baby peacefully
  • How to comfort baby during changes in sleep habits
Section Four - Napping
  •  How often babies should nap and the most important nap of the day.
  •  Tiredness indicators that help you find baby's sleep window. 
  •  Establish a nap time routine that helps baby wind down to sleep. 
  •  Naptime troubleshooting tips for various sleep struggles. 
Section Five - Night Sleep
  •  Bedtime snack, dream feed, and early mornings feeds: how to handle them so baby sleeps longer and harder. 
  •  Night waking strategies to minimize wakings so baby and you rest more.
  •  Discover if baby is waking for hunger, over tiredness, or out of habit. 
  •  Witching hours, colic, and fussiness life savers. 
Are you ready for baby to sleep longer stretches through the night?
If the only thing you got from this course was how to get baby to take more naps, it'd be worth it. 
If the only thing you got from this course was fewer night wakings and longer stretches of sleep, it'd be worth it. 
If the only thing you got from this course was a baby who could go to sleep on its own, it'd be worth it. 

With Coos to Snooze, you'll learn all that and more for hundreds of dollars less than the cost of an in home sleep consultant. Don't waste more hours and nights in an exhaustion induced fog. 


  •  Secrets of a killer baby routine.
  •  Naptime, bedtime, and wind down routines that work every time.
  •  The Eat-Play-Sleep method that sets baby up for success. 
  •  Sleep cycles and how to avoid short naps and frequent wakings.
  •  Nursing, feeding, and the #1 way it affects sleep. 

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