Emotional Overload Class

How To Reduce Tantrums, Form Lasting Connections, And Increase Cooperation In Your Home

Hey, my name is Rachel, and I have 5 kids 7 years old and underThough some days threaten to overtake my sanity and there are constant demands on me as a mother, I've figured out how to support my children emotionally while still expecting them to mind. 

It can be draining day after day when your little ones are constantly melting down, pitching fits, or refusing to do what you ask. 

We want our children to feel loved and understood, but we also need them to listen to us so they don't end up burnt by the oven or unattended in a busy parking lot!

The truth is that kids' emotions are Large and In Charge and we cannot make them go away.There is no trick to get your kids to never cry or whine or fuss.  That would simply not be human...

No amount of connection or cuddling will mean your children don't get angry, frustrated, or upset. 

This is why how we handle our kids' emotions is so important!

And honestly, it's so much easier than you think. 

There's no time limit or formula to help your children calm down, it's simply knowing what your child needs from you. 

"You provide us mothers, even if we have worldly knowledge, with practical LOVING advice and a judgment free environment to grow and learn together."

Over the years I've created a ton of resources for busy moms looking for solutions. They all rest on the blog and in my shop and sell month after month to moms all over the world. 

But I realized I didn't have one comprehensive resource to help mom navigate their kids' EMOTIONS.   

The tantrums, the whining, the crying, the resistance, the DRAMA! To fill that gap, I've created a class called Emotional Overload. 

Emotional Overload was created to help you do the following:

  • Understand why your children seem to Overreactor have Exaggerated Emotions that are hard to calm.
  • Learn what type of response your children need from you when they are struggling (hint: you don't have to always be happy)
  • Grasp the importance of connection both you and your child needs without falling prey to the "Connection Is Everything" trap that leaves you completely drained and likely with entitled kids. 
  • And more...

"What do I do when my daughter doesn’t respect the word ‘no’ and thinks she’s the boss of the household?"

We all want our kids to feel loved. 

We want our kids to feel valued and respected. 

We also want to them to not lose it at the drop of a hat and - maybe just maybe - to actually do what we ask them to do. 

This is where Emotional Overload comes in.

This class will teach you why children have such strong emotions (and why you do too!) and how to help them feel loved and understood without feeling like you are becoming a doormat!

"When are tantrums disobedience and when are they just the overflow of emotions? Do I ever give in to any request in the midst of a tantrum?"

If emotions are high at your house and you're always bouncing back and forth between being too harsh then feeling guilty then being too lenient... and continuing the cycle...

Emotional Overload will help you do the following:

  • Learn the concept of the Emotional Basement and how it applies to your child (and the whole family)
  • See how emotional coaching plays out in real world examples
  • Be released from the idea that you are supposed to make sure your children are always happy
  • And more...

And As A BONUS...

And to top it all off, I've included nearly an hour and a half of BONUS content where I answer specific reader questions about their own children.  

I received so many emails about the topic of emotions and obedience and I decided to create some separate videos addressing them all. 

Bonus Video #1 Answers The Following: 

  • (0:01) What do I do when my options or choices are always met with resistance from my kids all day?

  • (2:10) My child will go from zero to fit in no time and nothing helps calm her down. How can I teach her how to calm down? 

  • (16:02) 3 year old always says “I can’t” when I ask him to do things. He doesn’t want try new things, and always says “he can’t.” 

  • (23:25) Child always wants “to do it by himself” for everything, doesn’t want anyone to help him or show him the right way. He’ll scream and not want help. 

  • (30:57) How do you respond when your child hits you during a tantrum? 

If those topics don't seem to resonate, find out what I say about the following questions in Bonus Video #2:

  • (00:15) Constant meltdowns when my child needs to share, what do I do? 
  • (14:14) How do you deal with biting
  • (17:00) Extreme behavior when disappointed, she can’t differentiate between big and small problems, how do I deal? 
  • (19:50) How do I teach my child to handle anger
  • (22:10) When one of my kids melts down or has a tantrum the other one does too, how do you keep one calm when the other child is having a meltdown? 

And then in Bonus Video #3 I go into these questions:

  • (00:04) Our 3 year old really struggles with transition, she makes a huge fuss and talks back a lot, what should I do?
  • (03:32) Every time I don’t give my kids exactly what they want they have a meltdown! 
  • (05:23) How do you start having firm boundaries with your 3 year old after you haven’t really had any his whole life? 
  • (07:29) Is it better to give your toddler’s alone time, to soothe them, or to let their tantrums pass when they are having a tantrum? 
  • (17:00) It’s hard to think of consequences to give kids that relate to behavior, how do I do this?

Friend, if you need some support in the area of emotions and obedience... Emotional Overload is for you.  

I have been where you are - I AM WHERE YOU ARE - and know that freedom comes with knowing we're connected with our kids and knowing our own limits and boundaries are being respected. 

I have found freedom and so can you. 

See you on the other side, Rachel